Thousand words gratitude

Today I am absolutely NOT grateful for the mess the dogs created for me while I was at work.  It was pretty much the canine equivalent of diaper explosion, which I could barely stomach when said diapers were wrapped around the sweet posteriors of babies I was swooningly in love with. I’ll spare you a detailed compare/contrast on the two experiences.

So, I’m in need of some deliberate, conscious gratitude.  (Because right now I’m pretty fed up, grossed out, and way beyond cranky.)  Today, I’m just going to offer up something I’ve been thinking might be a regular feature.  (Well, as regular as anything in this blog, which means:  Something I might do whenever I feel like it.)  I’m calling it “Thousand Words Gratitude.”  And it goes like this:

The idea is that a picture is worth a thousand of my words of gratitude.

For example, in this picture there’s much for which I’m grateful:

  • My daughter’s health
  • Her friends
  • An activity that’s good for her
  • Her intensity and focus
  • Her long-legged loveliness
  • Her coach, from whom she’s learning all kinds of things
  • Her regular, run-of-the-mill, all-American life that allows her to take all kinds of things for granted

I know this feature will be better if I don’t need any words to explain the gratitude in the image.  I’ll work on that for next time…

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2 responses to “Thousand words gratitude

  1. I have to remember this when the cat pees on the carpet. Why do I have pets!? I used to like animals.

  2. Your comment made me laugh! I used to like them more, too.

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